Welcome to South Windsor sign installed for Jumpstart program

A new sign welcoming people to South Windsor has been erected in the window of second-hand store Nina's Preloved Goods on the corner of George and Argyle Streets.

The sign was paid-for by Hawkesbury City Council as part of its Jumpstart program, which it is running to 'jumpstart' the local business centres of South Windsor, Windsor and Richmond.

Shop owner Nina [surname withheld] said the sign was about raising community spirit, helping locals become proud of their area, and visitors recognise the importance of the culture of South Windsor.

"It takes up the whole six panels along the side of the shop, four-by-four metres long - so it's big, and nice, to brighten up the area," Ms Matthews told the Gazette.

She said she had been approached by Council to put the sign in her shop window, and it was her idea to employ the help of Hawkesbury artist Leanne Watson to create the artwork to recognise local aboriginal culture, and Castle Hill's Xavier Remedios to do the graphic design.

"I wanted some Aboriginal designs in it because through the shop I've met a lot of Aboriginal people in the area," she said.

"So I worked with the designers to represent the trees of the Blue Mountains, the Hawkesbury River, a yarning circle and kangaroo footprints."

Ms Matthews said she was "very excited" about seeing "some changes in the area".

"I've been here about a year, and it's lovely to have some nice bright colour through the shopping centre," she said.

"It's nice for people to come here and take pictures with the sign. It brings happiness to the area."

Council's Jumpstart program was designed to help businesses implement change in the area and attract more customers.

Council allocated $25,000 to the South Windsor and Windsor Mall areas, and changes are currently being rolled-out, including potted plants to beautify the areas.

The Jumpstart Program was created in the wake of COVID-19 and the bushfires, to help struggling businesses get back on their feet.

Windsor Mall and South Windsor are among only a small number of towns in NSW and Victoria where the program is being rolled out by Place Score - a 'place experience' diagnostic, engagement, benchmarking, and data tracking platform that helps guide and measure more effective investment in urban environments.