Luke Zivkovic's TikTok-inspired video under investigation

Screen grabs from Luke Zivkovic's viral video.
Screen grabs from Luke Zivkovic's viral video.

A Victorian man says you shouldn't try to replicate anything you see on the internet - especially his viral video.

Luke Zivkovic, from Horsham, Victoria, uploaded a video to Facebook of him standing on the bonnet of a moving car, drinking a Carlton Dry stubbie and smoking a cigarette.

The video, which has thousands of likes, shares and comments, has attracted the attention of the Horsham Highway Patrol.

Mr Zivkovic said his actions in the video were less dangerous than they looked.

He said he also had five years of formal training to be a stunt man, which made the incident less dangerous.

"This wasn't just a spur of the moment thing to do something dumb," Mr Zivkovic said.

"I planned to do it, and I made sure it was in a safe, controlled environment. It was on a private road. I wasn't just getting on the beers and standing on a moving car.

"The car was barely moving. There was no throttle involved, it was travelling less than 15 kilometres an hour. It was just windy that day, so it looks faster than it was.

"And nobody was at risk except for myself."

The video is part of a new viral trend spawned from TikTok. US man Nathan Apodaca uploaded a video of himself skateboarding to the Fleetwood Mac song Dreams while drinking cranberry juice to the social media app.

"From a safety point of view, I wouldn't recommend people try anything they see on the internet," Mr Zivkovic said.

"I don't recommend anyone put themselves in danger.

"I recognise that it was a bit stupid for some, but for me, it was all about the good times."

Mr Zivkovic said there was another reason he uploaded the video.

"I was thinking to myself, there's that many people battling with mental health out there at the moment - if one bloke looks at my video and has a smile and maybe it saves his life, then that's enough for me," he said.

"I'm a big advocate for mental health, because I've struggled with it all my life. If I can make people feel better, then I will."

Mr Zivkovic's video has since made national headlines, and has created chaos in his personal life.

"My phone has not stopped ringing," he said. "It's been crazy.

"I really never expected this. I thought I'd just do it for my mates to have a laugh."

Asked whether he regretted the video, or if he was embarrassed by the attention he received, Mr Zivkovic said: "I don't get embarrassed. If you live your life worried about what other people are saying about you, are you even living?"

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