SES NSW Hawkesbury Unit to the rescue after mare Pebbles becomes trapped in septic tank

NSW SES Hawkesbury Unit helped a horse out of a jam this week, when seven-year-old showjumping mare Pebbles became stuck in a septic tank.

About 1.15pm on Monday, September 14, the Hawkesbury Unit received a job call out stating 'Horse stuck in septic tank and can't get out'.

A plan was formulated with the assistance of Veterinarian, Amélie from Agnes Banks Equine Clinic, to sedate the mare while the rescue team rigged her for a forward skid technique using a vehicle-mounted winch.

A large plastic sheet called a 'glide sheet' was manipulated under Pebbles to allow her to safely slide up and out of the tank.

When everyone was ready, and the sling was taking her weight, Pebbles was given a general anaesthetic to allow the rescue team to carefully slide her up and out of the septic tank, and onto the rescue stretcher.

The team then manually skidded the rescue glide, and the vet, out into the middle of the paddock to allow Pebbles to safely come out of the general anaesthetic.

"This was a great example for all horse owners finding their horse in any form of entrapment," said Hawkesbury Unit via Facebook.

They recommended people in similar situations should stay calm, call their vet, call triple zero and ask for Police (as they coordinate rescue in NSW) and tell them a horse is trapped and needs rescuing.