Bligh Park school believes in building a strong foundation for future learners

ALL FRIENDS HERE: Bligh Park Public School students are taught to be respectful and responsible learners.

ALL FRIENDS HERE: Bligh Park Public School students are taught to be respectful and responsible learners.

At Bligh Park Public School they believe in the value of working co-operatively with the community to provide strong foundations for their students' education and lifelong learning.

Principal Joan Westerweller said the school's 300 students interact within a safe, respectful and responsible learning environment consisting of 13 mainstream and four support classes.

"As an Early Action for Success School we have a commitment to the delivery of differentiated evidence-based literacy and numeracy programs to support our students as learners," Ms Westerweller said.

"The students and staff embed a culture of persistence, pride and excellence in all school activities and across all settings.

"This is evident in the school's involvement in dance, sport, choir, gifted and talented programs as well as debating and public speaking opportunities within the larger community."

Ms Westerweller said the Bligh Park Public School community is one that believes in the value of shared decision making and works to give its students a strong foundation for their education and future life.

The school council and parents and citizens' association (P&C) are an integral part of the decision-making process and these groups lead the development of the school's four-year strategic plan.

The current plan, developed in 1997, emphasises a thorough grounding in the basic skills of numeracy and literacy and advocates many and varied opportunities for students to develop in physical and cultural endeavours.

The School Excellence Framework underpins the school's planning and reporting approach.

Ms Westerweller said the framework provides a clear description of the key elements of high-quality practice across learning, teaching and leading.

"The school plan is highly strategic, focusing on three key areas for improvement we have determined in consultation with our community," she said.

"It demonstrates our alignment and commitment to excellence as part of public education to the ongoing growth and development of our school."