Windsor, Richmond feature in ABC TV's Further Back In Time For Dinner

Windsor and Richmond featured in ABC TV's Further Back In Time For Dinner last Tuesday, September 8, when the Ferrone family experienced what it was like to live back in the 1910s.

The series features an ordinary family which 'travels back in time' 120 years to immerse themselves in five decades of Australian history. Host Annabel Crabb guides the Ferrone family through history as they cook, eat and live, from Federation to the 1940s.

In Episode 2, the Ferrones went back to the 1910s when a cooking fad from Britain reportedly caused divorce. By 1914, life in the show was an emotionally-charged test of resilience as they experience the Aussie spirit confronted by war.

One of the locations for the shoot was Windsor Mall, outside the Hawkesbury Remakery, where the Ferrone ladies sold lemon drop scones made with the traditional Red Cross recipe.

The Remakery's Sharon Grech features in the episode as the first punter to buy one of the scones.

"It was exciting to see the mall being used for a TV show and how it all works behind the scenes," Ms Grech told the Gazette.

She said the lemon drops "tasted lemony", but she was less keen on them when she found out "they were made with dripping".

"Lots of people have told us they watched it on TV," she said.

Filming also occurred at the Richmond School of Arts.

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