Voice of Real Australia: Just like that, spring is just buzzing

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The queen bee is marked by a colour for the year of her birth. You can see her here with the green dot. Photo: Kim Chappell

The queen bee is marked by a colour for the year of her birth. You can see her here with the green dot. Photo: Kim Chappell

Honey bees fly the equivalent of three times around the world to produce a kilogram of honey.

All worker bees are female.

These are just a few bee facts I've learnt since my partner and I dived into the world of beekeeping.

Yep, spring is here and we couldn't be more excited. The bees are out, and we can really get hands on with our hives.

It's a new venture, we are still wearing giant L plates, but its something we'd been wanting to do for awhile.

It all started with a fallen tree and a hive that's home was now firmly in the horizontal.

But before we could get our hives to give the bees a new home, they'd set flight for fresh pastures. And then the world around us burned and everything was put on a hold for awhile.

But once the flames were out and the floods that followed had receded, our local beekeeper was reachable and he had nucleus colonies for sale. (That's a small box of bees and the queen to kick start your hive).

Our bees hard at work. Photo: Kim Chappell

Our bees hard at work. Photo: Kim Chappell

So our adventures with bees began - and I have to admit to being way more into them than I ever thought possible.

They are incredible creatures and we worry about them way too much - in the wind, the cold, the snow, the heat.

But now that spring is here, they are out and about and all over our fruit trees and flowering plants and we can't wait til we get honey (it'll be awhile off yet).

We're fast learning about what flowers bees like, which ones they don't, and which ones make the honey taste a little less than delicious.

We've joined a growing community of beekeepers, budding and expert, all across the world.

Even the world of artificial intelligence is getting involved in honey making these days.

If you're keen, it's easy to get involved with your local club or through courses like this online one in Canberra.

Oh and for the record, yes, I've been stung. Twice now, once on the leg and once in the nose. Yes in, not on, the nose. But that's a story for another day.

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