Masked Singer Christine Anu drops an f-bomb in TV interview

Oops: A screenshot of Christine Anu after
Oops: A screenshot of Christine Anu after"the" moment. Photo: screen shot

Christine Anu is likely to go viral after accidentally dropping the F-bomb on prime time TV.

Anu was appearing on WIN's The Project to talk about her performance on The Masked Singer.

She appeared in the popular series as Goldfish, singing It's My Life by Bon Jovi, and was unmasked on Monday night.

Host Carrie Bickmore recommended she re-release some of her old songs so her new Masked Singer fans could hear them.

Anu replied by saying she'd done "a million versions" of them, but with the f-bomb dropping just before the "million".

She immediately realised what she'd said, covering her mouth. But the studio audience didn't mind at all - they got quite a laugh out of it.

Masked Singer panelist Dave Hughes was impressed too, tweeting "Legend Christine Anu just dropped the f-bomb on The Project. That's how annoyed she is about having to leave The Masked Singer.

Others enjoyed it on social media, some tweeting comments like "it's the best thing to happen in 2020" and "it was the most relatable thing ever".

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