Hawkesbury martial arts school has a mission to inspire youth

STRIKE A POSE: Wayne Abbott celebrates a special moment with some of his young students.
STRIKE A POSE: Wayne Abbott celebrates a special moment with some of his young students.

Father and son team Wayne and Jared Abbott have a passion for martial arts - and parkour - which they want to share with the people of the Hawkesbury region.

Established in the Hawkesbury in late 2000, under the name Fighting Fit Martial Arts Centre, the business began in the family garage with the intention of teaching martial arts and self defence to children.

As the numbers grew the business was moved into a commercial warehouse space in Mulgrave and classes were added to cover those from ages three to adult.

Today the school operates under the Victory Martial Arts network which Wayne described as one of the fastest growing in the world.

The school is also a member of the world's largest traditional Taekwondo association, the ATA - American Taekwondo Association, which has more than 1000 schools and more than 200,000 active members worldwide.

In 2015 the business added Apeiron Parkour, based on the popular art of motion and creative movement training.

Wayne said it's the original parkour school in the Hawkesbury, the first in the western suburbs, and a member of the NSW Parkour Association.

Wayne said they may teach martial arts and parkour but there is a lot more to what they do and how they do it.

"People come from across the Hawkesbury and further to discover the difference we make in the lives of people who train with us," he said.

"Through the martial arts and parkour our mission is to inspire, educate and develop children, families and communities to reach their highest potential.

"People of every age, gender and ability level join us for various reasons, each with different goals.

"We don't teach group classes: we teach individuals in a group class together."

Programs on offer include Martial Arts, Self Defence, Anti Bullying, Life Skills, Leadership Skills, Character Development, Acrobat, Performing Arts, Taekwondo, Fitness Kickboxing, Extreme Martial Arts, Stunts, Parkour, Free Running and Tricking.

They are also NSW Government approved for the Active Kids and Creative Kids vouchers.

Wayne said over the last 20 years his school had always shown its support for the Hawkesbury community.

"In this time we have overcome many challenges that small businesses typically face, whether that's changes in market trends or dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and the business impacts it has caused," he said.

"We have shown to our customers a willingness to listen and adapt our programs to suit their needs, providing a flexible and family-friendly timetable and a business where people of all abilities are welcome." For details call 0417 010 990.