Young Bowen Mountain Resident starts dog treat company to buy new computer

Peter Julian is getting an early introduction to business as he sells homemade dog treats, in the hopes of earning enough money to buy his own computer.

The 11-year-old, Bowen Mountain resident operates Pete's Treats with his mother Rachel.

Peter said that the idea originally came from his brother as a way to earn money for a new computer.

"I like baking and I like dogs so I thought why not make the dogs happy with some good treats instead of the plastic the usually have," he said.

"Everything is done by mum and I, my brother had the idea, but it is just the two of us who do all the baking and deliveries."

Despite only starting up during the COVID-19 lockdown, Pete's Treats has gained a great amount of support around the area.

"We investigated the idea for about a week, then went ahead with it and created the Facebook page," he said.

"There was about 10 to 20 orders on the first day. People can order on our Facebook or by calling. Generally they send orders through messenger or comments on Facebook

"I make one or two batches and that is enough to cover the orders and then have a bit left over, which we can freeze for the next set of orders.

"The Lime and Coconut Cafe in Windsor have had our treats for sale for the past three or four weeks."

Peter has been hard at work with some customers requesting huge orders.

"The Balanced Canine out at Marayong has now placed a second order of 200 biscuits," said Peter.

"It's been hard for me. I like to play video games and I started this to earn the money for a new computer for games.

"So it's hard when I don't have the time to do the things that I really like to do."

Peter has learnt some great business skills in the short time that he has been running Pete's Treats.

"If you want to start your own business always ask for help," said Peter. "Always ask for help and create good relationships with your customers.

"I think I have done very well so far and people have really liked the biscuits."

Peter said that the treats have been proven to be both cat and human friendly, and are great for anyone as they are gluten and preservative free.

For more information or to request an order from Pete's Treats visit their Facebook page here.