Wilberforce farewells Allen Eyles, 'Angel of Main Street'

WILBERFORCE is mourning the passing of Allen Eyles, 'The Angel of Main Street'.

Allen arrived in this world on April 10, 1936 - it was Good Friday, something he would mention to everyone, and something that would happen only three times in his life.

Ursula and Allen Eyles. Picture: Supplied

Ursula and Allen Eyles. Picture: Supplied

This year was the final time, and due to restrictions his family were unable to spend time with him to celebrate.

Allen was born the sixth out of seven children to Milton and Inez Eyles.

He completed his schooling at Christian Brothers at Rozelle, and obtained an apprenticeship as a Toolmaker at the railway at Eveleigh workshops, working on the steam trains he fell in love with.

Bill, Allen's eldest brother, introduced Allen to waterskiing, something that would become one of Allen's passions during the summer months.

Allen met his wife Ursula in 1962 at the Bexley North Hotel. They purchased their first home in Revesby where they lived for 44 years, before moving to Wilberforce in 2011 to be closer to the Hawkesbury River.

Allen was well-known in Wilberforce for helping out the community, in particular, taking out and bringing in the garbage bins of everyone who lived on his street, for which he got the nickname The Angel of Main Street. (This is something Allen used to do for his previous neighbours in Revesby.)

Allen and Ursula had three children: Milton, Suzanne and Vanessa.

Allen was handy with toy-making and made his son Milton his first pair of skis to enjoy on the river.

Allen survived a Prostate Cancer diagnosis in 2002, and was diagnosed with Dementia in his later years.

He was a resident at Ron Middleton Nursing Home at North Richmond before passing away on Friday, July 24.

After his funeral, there was a drive-by down Main Street so the community could farewell their Angel.

His work on the street has been taken-on by a group of neighbours who wanted his legacy to continue.