NFA offers workshops to teach the philosophy and rules of MiniRoos to volunteers

The Nepean Football Association (NFA) is offering parents and volunteers of MiniRoos football the opportunity to attend a workshop and learn the philosophy, game rules and game formats of MiniRoos.

MiniRoos is designed for kids of all abilities, aged four to 11-years-old. The initiative is run nation-wide and introduces young newcomers to football through short, game-based sessions, while also providing an inclusive experience.

MiniRoos sessions focus on learning new skills, being active, making life-long friends and introducing kids to the sport of football.

There is around 5000 MiniRoos football players across the NFA, and with that comes plenty of volunteers who take to the field to be the 'referee' or game leader.

This workshop will take participants through game realistic scenarios to help them better understand the rules, implementation of the rules and most importantly, to ensure the players are involved and having fun.

Lowlands Wanderers SC will host one of the two workshops at Bensons Lane on Wednesday, August 19.

The workshops will be run by NFA's Football Manager James Rankine and will run from 6pm-7pm.

They are free and NFA encourage anyone interested to come along, no matter what club a person is with.

Anyone interested can register for the workshops here.

Contact for any queries.