Hawkesbury Gaming Club connecting like-minded folk

IF you're into miniature wargames, board and card games, then you'll find like-minded folk in the Hawkesbury Gaming Club.

Run by Kurrjaong resident Ben Van Rijn and mate Peter Reilly, the group has been operating since 2014 and now has over 300 members.

"Our main games are Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar' as well as numerous board, card, and roleplay games such as Catan, Dominion, Smash Up, Pandemic, Dungeons and Dragons, and many others," Mr Van Rijn told the Gazette.

The group began under the name Tin Soldier Gaming Club as a way of uniting the gamers in the Penrith area who frequented the game store The Tin Soldier, and helping them find games and keep up to date on new product releases and events.

"This changed to Hall of Heroes Gaming Club when the Tin Soldier was bought out by Hall of Heroes. In 2017, the group finally separated off from stores entirely and with my co-admin Peter Reilly became the Hawkesbury Gaming Club," Mr Van Rijn said.

The group has around 20-35 active members, and is always on the lookout for new blood who want to play and have a yarn; anyone who has a passion for gaming, meeting new players, and making new friends is welcome.

"We are always up for accepting new members, our club is inclusive on all levels and always happy to meet new people and players. We run events for both high level gamers and brand new players, as well as younger player groups," Mr Van Rijn said.

He said COVID had been hard for the group, as their hobby was based around socialising.

"It has changed how we run events, as we have changed from store meet ups to local residence meets with much smaller player counts, as well as doing hobby chats and roleplay games via Discord," Mr Van Rijn said.

The group has a strong social media element, with an active Facebook-based core allowing members to post hobby chats, pictures of their events, and upcoming events.

Mr Van Rijn said the group provided him the ability to play the games he loves and share them with others, as well as helping new gamers explore their hobby and make new lifelong friends.

"I've had some of my greatest and happiest memories and best friends through my hobby and the Hawkesbury Gaming Club," he said.