The Informer: There's more ugliness to come, Victoria

There's more ugliness to come, Victoria

Victoria has again recorded a daily increase of more than 200 coronavirus cases, as the state entered its first weekend of a second lockdown.

The state posted 216 cases on Saturday, down from 288 recorded on Friday. A man in his 90s died overnight while 49 others remain in hospital, including 15 in intensive care.

Globally, the World Health Organisation reported a record increase in COVID-19 cases overnight, with 228,102 positive results.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews warned people not to look for loopholes, as new advice kicked in for Victorians to wear masks in public.

"We will see more and more additional cases, that's the nature of this," Mr Andrews said.

In Sydney, a pub car park has been turned into a coronavirus test site as health authorities work to trace a possible cluster linked to the Crossroads Hotel in Casula.

NSW saw seven new cases until 8pm on Friday, with five found in hotel quarantine.

Meanwhile in Queensland, where borders reopened on Friday, a private Christian school has been ordered by a tribunal to apologise to a five-year-old Cook Islands boy.

The boy, Cyrus Taniela, was growing his hair for a traditional hair-cutting ceremony when the Australian Christian College in Moreton told his family the Cyrus' hair must be cut to comply with its strict school uniform policy.

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal on Friday found the school was in breach of the state's anti-discrimination laws.

Tribunal member Samantha Traves ordered the school to end its efforts to expel Cyrus and provide a written apology to his family.

"I find that there was direct discrimination on the basis of race," Ms Traves wrote in her decision.

"While I accept that it is important for schools to have uniform policies that require certain standards of dress and appearance be maintained, I do not think it is reasonable to apply those policies without exception."

Though if you are thinking of letting your hair down in Queensland, best not if you are not already there.

The country is now a patchwork of travel restrictions with the basic rule being you need a very good reason to travel - and a holiday won't cut it.

And finally to the United Kingdom, where a man's bid to steal the Magna Carta, a critical document in the history of parliamentary democracy, has ended in a four-year prison sentence.

Mark Royden was convicted in Salisbury Crown Court of a failed attempt to steal the document from Salisbury Cathedral in October 2018.

Royden, 47, had told police he didn't think the 805-year-old document was the genuine article.

The cathedral, of course, maintains it is one of four copies dating back to the signing of the Magna Carta, which placed limits on King John's power for the first time.

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