The Virtual Traveller: zoos around the world

Can't get to a zoo? Here's 13 from around the world you can access now

If you're still locked down or are nervous about going out these holidays, we've put together a list of live action webcams from zoos around Australia and the world.


Zoos Victoria - watch live cams of various animals from Melbourne, Healesville and Werribee Zoos. Feeding times are listed so you can watch animals being fed.

Taronga Zoo Sydney - watch 24/7 livestreams of animals from Sydney including feeding.

International zoos

Alaska Zoo polar bear cam - visit the two polar bears at the Alaska zoo,named Ahpun and Lyutyik.

Baton Rouge Zoo Tiger Cam - watch the Baton Rouge Malayan tigers in real time.

Cotswold wildlife park and gardens - watch the Humboldt penguins and meerkats go about their day.

Dublin Zoo - Watch giraffe, rhino and zebra from the African plains as well as Asian elephants and penguins.

Edinburgh Zoo - watch the giant panda, penguin, tiger, koala, and lion cams.

London Zoo - virtual London Zoo includes webcams and livestreams, behind the scenes videos and animal antics.

Monterey Bay Aquarium - This wonderful aquarium in California has various webcams including penguins, sea otters, moon jellies, sharks and kelp forests.

North American Bear Center - watch black and grizzly bears in this bear sanctuary in Minnesota, USA. There's also video footage of baby bears being born and cubs growing up.

San Diego Zoo - a large variety of animals can be viewed including hippo, platypus, baboon, penguins, polar bear, apes, tigers, elephants, giraffe, owls, panda, koala and condor.

Smithsonian National Zoological Park - enjoy black-footed ferret, cheetah cubs, naked mole-rat, lions, giant panda and elephants.

Tennessee Aquarium - watch river otters, penguins, secret reef, tropical fish, moon jellies and lemur forest cams.