Wilberforce's Wild Cat Conservation Centre adopts rare Clouded Leopard cubs

THE arrival of two rare Clouded Leopard cubs at Wilberforce's Wild Cat Conservation Centre is another reason to get out and about post lockdown.

The six-month-old cubs, Tai (male) and Cinta (female), are the only of their kind in the country, and locals can visit them on private tours at the sanctuary.

Wild Cat Conservation Centre Director, Ben Britton, said the cubs were part of an international breeding program for the vulnerable species.

"Our centre is the only zoological institution in Australia to be accepted as part of the international conservation program for Clouded Leopard due to our high level of expertise and specific focus on wild cats," he said.

"The cubs will be joined by other leopards over time to establish a breeding population and further our goal of conserving this and other incredible smaller wild cat species."

It is estimated that fewer than 10,000 mature Clouded Leopard individuals remain in the wild.

Wild Cat Conservation Centre is home to Sydney's only breeding program for Cheetah, as well as Serval and Caracal.

The centre was closed to visitors temporarily during the coronavirus pandemic, but it is now open and taking bookings for private tours.

For more information and to book your tour, visit www.wildcatcentre.org.au.