Mr Movies is more than ready to reopen Richmond Regent

Richmond Regent Twin Cinema owner, Mr Movies, John Levy.

Richmond Regent Twin Cinema owner, Mr Movies, John Levy.

Great news for folk tired of watching flicks on their small screens, Richmond Regent Twin Cinema will reopen its doors for the first time after lockdown on Thursday, July 9.

Due to social distancing restrictions sessions will be limited to 50 patrons.

To cope with an expected rush and to hopefully avoid queues, pre-purchase tickets will be available from the box office from 10am to 3.30pm on Monday, July 6 to Wednesday, July 8.

As always, tickets remain at just $12 every session, every day.

Those thinking of attending need to be mindful of the new regulations affecting operations.

The cinemas both boast large enough auditoriums to adhere to the four-by-two square metre distancing ruling.

The 50 patron rule will apply to both cinemas to help in maintaining distance between patrons/groups.

Every second row will be closed off from use to make it simpler to achieve the required separation.

Only one family will be permitted to use the Crying Room in the downstairs auditorium. Owner, [Mr Movies] John Levy, and his team recommend booking the room ahead of arrival.

During the shutdown period the bathrooms and foyer have been treated to a new coat of paint and all surfaces have been sanitised.

All touch points within the cinema will be cleaned before and after sessions as well as the usual clean-up of floors/seating.

All Richmond Regent staff will have completed a COVID-19 safe training program before doors open.

Patrons are urged to keep 1.5m social distance from other groups in the foyer while waiting for tickets or visiting the candy bar. Floor markers will assist.

In the case of a "busier" period, patrons attending an upstairs session may be asked to leave via the fire stairs, which exit directly onto Windsor Street.

Screening over the course of the return week will be new release films: Red Shows and the Seven Dwarfs; Bellbird; and Love Sarah.

For session details and more information about coming events visit the website or call 4578 1800.

Richmond Regent Twin Cinema is located at 145 Windsor Street.