Jess Macc: The art of making music with meaning

Jess Macc.
Jess Macc.

As a music enthusiast there is perhaps nothing more enriching or endearing than hearing an artist share a piece of their self via song.

It's where the art and the artist are their most vulnerable; trusting the listener with their honesty.

And while a deep lyrical expression can most certainly serve as cathartic for its creator, it can equally move those who receive it.

Win Some Lose Some, the debut single from Sydney-native Jess Macc, lives on such a plain.

Musically, somewhere in the realm of indie-folk-alt country, the measured electric instrumentation allows Jess' affecting vocal and real words to reach out.

Rather than offer a messed interpretation, in Jess' words: "Win Some Lose Some isn't a love song; it's a melodic and heart-wrenching adaptation of a messy situation - an addiction. A repeat offence that's too good to give up, but that isn't enough to keep either. You can't win them all."

The track will officially be released on Tuesday. Its a prospect that excites the singer-songwriter, who currently calls the Hawkesbury home.

Jess in the studio.

Jess in the studio.

Up until January, Jess had been living in Los Angeles, where she focused primarily on photography and art.

Music has always been a passion, but it took the homecoming to really consider taking it to a new level.

"I think there's been something missing and I think this is what it is," Jess said of music.

"When I moved to America I wasn't connected there.

"It feels like the right time."

The new track was recorded in Sydney and is the first in a string of singles Jess hopes to release, perhaps leading to an EP of original material.

The online nature of today's listening world translates to a "Spotify" launch. In fact, online promotion is very much something the independent artist appreciates and embraces.

"The dream years ago was a record deal because that was the only way of going about it," Jess said.

"This is more accessible for everyone. But there is a lot more fish out there now, so you do have to work harder."

Jess, who met her husband in the States, is a dual citizen.

She said that she would love her music to cross continents.

"Really I'd be honoured if anyone who listens to my music enjoys it," she said, "I'd be stoked about it."

Despite being proudly independent and happy to retain control of not only how her music, but also how her own image is portrayed, Jess considers herself a team player.

She is quick to lay praise on those in her camp, including studio buddy and producer Daniel Natoli.

"There's absolutely nothing like returning home after being away for so long and jumping into the studio with a dream producer," said Jess.

For the Win Some Lose Some film clip, which will be released in early July, Jess called on the talents of Rachel Bickert [cinematographer] and Lauren Meyering [director].

The dreamy retro-style clip shows Jess strumming a beautiful white Gretsh guitar.

Jess said her songwriting influences and general musical style came from her travels and the varied adventures she had experienced in her life as photographer - she worked across the realms of fashion, sports and music and also offered her services to numerous non-profit organisations.

Of her career hopes, Jess said she really is just happy for people to hear her music ... though a gig at the Hordern Pavilion wouldn't be bad.

Those looking to sample Jess Mac's music can do so by following her on Spotify here.

You can also sign-up to have Win Some Lose Some presaved before its Tuesday release by clicking here.

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