Josh Colbert bowls the perfect game after three-month hiatus

Josh Colbert bowled a perfect game on Tuesday night.
Josh Colbert bowled a perfect game on Tuesday night.

It was a perfect return to the bowling alley for Horsham's Josh Colbert.

Colbert had no expectations driving to Horsham Lanes and Games on Tuesday night, having not bowled for more than three months due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

The 29-year-old however clearly had not lost his touch, bowling a perfect game - the second of his career and first since October 2017.

"I'm pretty stoked - I wasn't expecting much considering I'd had three months off and hadn't even touched a bowling ball in that time," Colbert said.

"But I always seem to bowl not too bad after having a break, like at the start of the year after the Christmas holidays.

"I just seem to be a bit more relaxed, not expecting too much. It was coming out of the hand well."

Colbert was particularly excited to bowl the perfect game after coming heartbreakingly close a handful of times.

"It's a pretty amazing feeling when you get that last strike," he said. "The last shot was a bit nervy, but it wasn't as bad as previous times.

"I've had a couple of attempts at it; I've had 299 and 297 twice. It is pretty heartbreaking, especially if you throw a good shot and it's just one pin that doesn't fall."

Horsham Lanes and Games owner Wayne Watkins said Colbert's was one of "about 10" perfect games bowled at the venue since it opened in 2004.

"We couldn't get over how good it was," Watkins said.

"He hadn't picked up a ball in three months then came in and bowled 14 strikes in a row. He started with two strikes for the next game, so it was 14 in a row.

"It was great to see him do it."

Watkins said it was good to have competition bowling back at Horsham Lanes and Games, however the business remains closed to the public due to COVID-19 restrictions.

"It's hard to manage - all the stuff happening in Melbourne at the moment isn't helping," he said.

"We hope to get back soon, but we just don't know. We'll just take it as it comes. Once they say we can have 50 people, it will help a lot of places."

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