Shock as Bulli home-owners discover five-foot long snake in their sink

A Wollongong household got an unwanted surprise recently, finding a diamond python in their bathroom sink.

The snake came through the bathroom ceiling fan, of the Bulli home, and was reportedly about five feet in length.

Glen Peacock from Illawarra Snake Catcher said the owners heard noise in the bathroom, went to investigate and found the snake in the sink.

"It had actually knocked the cover off the air vent, then must have hung down and either fell through it, or found its way in there," he said.

Mr Peacock said a diamond python in such as a spot was an "pretty unusual" find at this time of year, as most were hibernating and seeking shelter for winter.

"I'm still getting the odd one here and there; the stragglers who haven't settled down for winter yet," he said.

"That's probably the biggest one in the last (little) while."

Mr Peacock also offered some advice for home-owners, especially those living near the bush, who didn't want to have a similarly close encounter with a diamond python.

"If you're worried about them coming through your ceiling and things like that... You can't stop them getting in the roof, but you can certainly minimise them entering the house from the ceiling," he said.

"Some of the air vents in bathrooms have got quite the openings in them; so (it's about) choosing the right ceiling fan and making sure that air vents are secure.

"They tend to find air vents and ceiling fans and that sort of thing, and that's how they get in through the ceiling."

According to the Australia Zoo website, diamond pythons are closely related to the commonly recognised carpet python.

They are black in colour with cream or yellow, diamond-shaped blotches covering the entire length of their body.

Being a python, they are non-venomous. They constrict their prey in order to kill it and then consume it whole.

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