Bligh Park residents hunt for teddies to keep socially-distanced kids active

We're Going on a Bear Hunt is a children's book by Michael Rosen, and many of us grew up reading it.

Now, with Government-led social distancing requirements in full swing, Mr Rosen's book is playing-out on the streets of Bligh Park.

The idea is gaining traction on social media around the world.

It's simple: people put teddy bears in their windows, and families walk around the neighbourhood trying to 'catch' bears, by spotting them and pointing them out, and even taking photos to upload to social media for other bear-hunters to find.

Renee Griffith, Admin of the Bligh Park Community Spirit page on Facebook, said the initiative was a "fabulous idea" that was helping build-up community spirit around the neighbourhood.

"The Bligh Park Community Spirit group was created for this exact reason as we wanted the community to feel here is a place they can advertise all things local in support of the community," Ms Griffith said.

A local page member even opened up a separate page dedicated to Bear Hunts in Bligh Park, called Bligh Park Bear Hunters (NSW Australia).

"The going on a bear hunt page was created by one of our local followers as there has been a lot of post and momentum on this idea which we as a community think is fabulous and really brightens people's days as they cope with what is going on. It also keeps families active which is always encouraged," Ms Griffith said.

"Bligh Park Community Spirit page has only been running since January and has been received in such a positive light as the aim is to have a positive page for the area and it has so far proven to be just that."

Other communities could join in the bear hunt to provide an activity to keep kids active and engaged while social distancing guidelines are active.