A sweet Easter treat that is easy on the waistline

A sweet Easter treat that is easy on the waistline

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Why does the Easter Bunny lay eggs and how did the rather weird notion of a rabbit distributing chocolate eggs become a part of Easter?

As Easter celebrates new life and new beginnings the rabbit's ability to spawn many offspring made it an obvious choice.

In one origin story, Germanic fertility goddess Eastre turned her favourite animal, a large beautiful bird, into a hare that, as it turns out, laid brightly coloured eggs.

But it wasn't until the 17th century that a German tradition of an "Easter hare" bringing eggs to good children came to be known.

And aren't we thankful for the strange and wonderful traditions of Easter as the season delivers one of the biggest joys of the calendar year - chocolate and lots of it.

While Easter is rife with traditions and symbols, Australians love to bring their own rituals and customs to this event such as the now popular alternative to a bunny, our own native marsupial, the chocolate Bilby.

Australians also love to spend Easter with others, camping, holidaying, eating, shopping and celebrating.

Easter in the southern hemisphere is usually a perfect break to get out and about, spending time with family in the fresh air and sun before winter sets in.

All of us have special memories of holidaying with friends and family, being together and overindulging on chocolate, laughter and great company. There are only really a couple of special events a year when you can let yourself relax and enjoy what life has to offer. Easter is one of those indulgent holidays.

In modern times, Easter has become synonymous with fun and children and if you have grandkids, you'll understand why. Whether you choose to paint Easter eggs, go on an egg hunt or bake Easter themed treats together, the choices are endless.

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