Why do we want to see couples fighting on MAFS?

Aleks and Natalie are two of the brides from the latest season of Married at First Sight.
Aleks and Natalie are two of the brides from the latest season of Married at First Sight.

Around this time last year, there was quite a bit of fervour around the TV series called Married at First Sight.

It had been on air for a few years but I didn't recall it sparking the same response as it did last year.

It seemed that every day at work someone was talking about it, and the show kept popping up on my social media feeds.

But nothing they were saying made me feel like I needed to watch it.

It was quite the opposite in fact; the comments all seemed to be centred around how terrible this person was, or how nasty that person was.

I felt I just didn't need to spend any time watching the antics of others so that I could feel superior to them.

This time around, I opted to do an experiment - I decided to watch a whole week's worth.

I have to say, I was surprised. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought - at first.

That first night saw the marriages of Poppy and Luke followed by Josh and Cathy. And it was all so nice.

The show was structured so gently and sympathetically, that I really felt for both couples and was happy for them that things seemed to be going so well.

I thought to myself "where are all the nasty people? I was told there would be nasty people".

My wife, who had seen the show before, cautioned me by saying 'don't worry, they're coming'.

And they were. Later in that week there were several couples who seemed to have been paired up, not because they worked well together, but because they would create the friction the show thrives on.

Amanda and Tash didn't seem to be a great match, and neither did Hayley and David.

Surprise, surprise, after some brief moments of calm, they started butting heads.

It's a bit sad really, that this is what so many people want to see - and it's sad that the show seems to take the low road and give the audience that.

That first episode, which was really heart-rending, captured my attention.

The other episodes I watched last week just turned me off.