Saddling-up is in the family for Bligh Park's Lynne

Lynne and Elliott's story is part of a series on Hawkesbury people and their pets, featuring the work of Gazette and Courier photographer, Geoff Jones.

LYNNE Jawora didn't learn to ride a horse until she was 40, but she took to it like a duck to water.

Riding horses was in her genes, after all, with her mum and dad both growing up on farms down in the Riverina.

"I had always wanted to have a horse as a kid, because my father had come off a farm down near Wagga Wagga and so had my mother," Ms Jawora told the Gazette.

"They'd moved into town by the time I was born, and me being one of seven kids, they couldn't afford for me to have a horse, so I never got the opportunity to have horses until my kids were older and I got out there and joined riding club, and I just enjoyed it so much."

Elliott, a thoroughbred, was Ms Jawora's first horse, and at $800 from a girl up the road 12 years ago, he was a "bargain", she said.

"He's just been the perfect school master, the perfect horse for a beginner, and I'm never going to get rid of him. I've had horses come and go but I've always had Elliott.

"He's 21 now, so happy birthday to him."

Though Ms Jawora was a beginner when she bought Elliott, the duo have since competed in dressage competitions, show jumping and packing, and Lynne is a member of Hawkesbury Riding Club.

"Elliott is retired now and gives pony rides," Ms Jawora said.

"I've had my 12-month-old nephew on him right up to my mum who's now in her 80s. He's just a good boy, I'm very lucky to have him. He's a paddock basher now!"

I've had my 12-month-old nephew on him right up to my mum who's now in her 80s.

Lynne Jawora

Ten years ago, Ms Jawora received a very special gift from her father when he passed away, in the form of a vintage saddle that was given to him when he was 21.

"His father promised him a car for his 21st, but when it came around to his 21st his father couldn't afford a car so gave him a stock saddle instead," Mr Jawora said.

The saddle was refurbished by saddlemaker Les Benson in South Windsor, and it now takes pride of place in Ms Jawora's home.

Locals might know Ms Jawora from Hawkesbury Fine Dental where she is the financial manager.