Creating the ultimate home theatre experience

The ultimate home theatre

With Australians spending millions of dollars on digital entertainment every year, it's no surprise that to complement our streaming services and favourite binge-worthy series we're investing in quality audio systems.

However with so many models and products on the market, shopping for the most suitable audio-visual equipment can be confusing.

When shopping for AV equipment, you should ascertain what your listening and viewing habits are, and discuss these with an AV specialist to enhance the experience. Richard Neale from Amber Technology can also help get you started with these insights into the current must-have technologies.

"Most AV systems come with one or more of the latest features to improve the at-home sound and vision experience," he says. "What each consumer needs will differ according to their budget, the size of their home and what they enjoy using the AV system for."

Be immersed in the movie. Invest in an AV receiver with Dolby Atmos Height Visualiser and DTS:X surround-sound technology. "This enables a more immersive listening experience, creating a virtual surround and height effect," says Richard. "It wraps the listener in audio from all directions." For those seeking an affordable, high-quality home theatre with the newest technology, the Onkyo TX-RZ840 receiver provides realistic surround sound from traditional speaker layouts.

For style conscious audio lovers. In-ceiling and in-wall speakers blend into a home's interior, while producing high quality audio in multiple rooms. "In-ceiling speakers are designed to match light fittings to give a barely-there finish," says Richard. "In-wall speakers can sit behind a wall, providing complete invisibility, while providing a high-quality audio experience. DALI Phantom ceiling and in-wall loudspeakers provide high-quality audio while remaining virtually invisible."

Multi room set-ups. "For homes with multiple TV and audio setups, installing an AV hub, such as HDAnywhere MHUB PRO with uControl, provides a seamless whole-home solution using an app or push-button remote control," says Richard.

Installing a centralised controller means all devices can be managed by one app via a smartphone or tablet. This removes the need for an AV box in each room and multiple wires connected to each device.

Beam it up. Setting up a projector instead of a television can save space, and provide the ultimate cinema experience, particularly with a projector with 4K UHD resolution. "A 4K projector, such as Optoma's P1 is packed with the latest technology and features such as high dynamic range, HDCP 2.2 support and a stereo speaker providing powerful audio," says Richard. "It also features an inbuilt premium NuForce soundbar, eliminating the need to purchase additional external speakers.

"Using a projector that is lightweight, compact and easy to move around provides users with an exceptional home theatre set up."