How do you find a great driving instructor?

How do you find a great driving instructor?

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Learning to drive is an exciting time in a young person's life. A driver's licence represents freedom and independence and is also a gateway to employment opportunities.

With approximately 42 per cent of learner drivers failing the driving test each year across Australia, engaging a driving instructor is a wise decision and one that will save time and money.

Taking driving lessons with an accredited driving instructor will also help you become a safer driver but how do you find and book a great driving instructor if you don't have a trusted referral from a friend or family member?

The Australian driving instructor market is dominated by small driving schools and independents with limited online presence.

The typical booking experience occurs offline and access to verifiable information around instructor quality is almost non-existent.

In most cases you don't get to choose your instructor and bookings are done over the phone. You really are taking a leap of faith when booking a driving instructor.

What if there was a convenient and transparent way of finding, comparing & booking verified driving instructors?

EzLicence is an Australian first platform that connects learner drivers with a community of independent driving instructors online in real time.

Users are presented with a large choice of driving instructors servicing their area. They are then able to review and compare instructors based on comprehensive profile information, this includes verified learner reviews and ratings.

Once the user has chosen their instructor they are able to book online in real time and manage their ongoing learning experience from their online dashboard.

Learner drivers and parents can feel confident that instructors presented on the EzLicence platform are of a high professional standard - EzLicence has taken the guesswork out of finding a professional instructor.

This is done through a thorough instructor interview process, the ongoing ratings and review system of customers and the systematised management of licenses and accreditations.

Since launching its online platform in January 2018, EzLicence has become home to over 350 independent driving instructors, delivering thousands of driving lessons each week to budding learners across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The business will begin Perth operations in February 2020.

The vision of EzLicence is to use smart technology to bring increased efficiency, choice and transparency to the selection of a driving instructor. It's a disruption not dissimilar to how Uber has entered the taxi industry.

Learner drivers use this platform to book lessons quickly and easily with complete transparency on their chosen instructor. In other words, learners are in control of their learning journey and there are no surprises.

EzLicence allows learners and parents to firstly find accredited driving instructors based on their location and transmission preferences (auto/manual).

Learners can then review comprehensive instructor profile information such as:

  • Instructor ratings & reviews from other EzLicence learners.
  • Photos of the instructor and their vehicle.
  • Instructor Bio
  • Instructor experience
  • Vehicle details
  • Languages spoken
  • Instructional services provided
  • Accreditations

Each instructor's real-time availability is displayed, and learners and parents can make instant confirmed bookings online. There is no need for phone calls or to wait for confirmation.

After the initial booking learners are then able to manage their ongoing booking experience from their dashboard.

Lessons can be purchased, scheduled, rescheduled and cancelled all at the push of a button. The selected instructor can be changed at any time also.

By developing smart technology and providing a central platform to access independent driving instructors, EzLicence is helping learners and parents to find, compare and book driving instructors online with confidence. The hassle and guesswork has been removed from this important rite of passage.

For more information or to book your first lesson, head to the website -

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