Pitt Town Public School parents concerned about traffic safety in 'kiss and drop' zone

A GROUP of parents and members of the P&C are concerned about safety regarding traffic around Pitt Town Public School's 'kiss and drop' zone.

Jessica Immer, whose son is in kindergarten, said "we don't want to wait for a parent punch-up or an injured child before something happens".

According to Ms Immer, the street in front of the school is a "death trap", with "buses driving straight across the crossing", and "parents overtaking other parents on the crossing".

"Some of it can probably be blamed on a handful of parents but it is also a narrow and dangerous street and a growing school," she said.

"We have a kiss and drop zone that needs to be moved to the back gate to create a safer space and the bus stop needs to be worked on.

"If moved to the back the current kiss and drop needs to be changed from no parking to no stopping - it is possibly the biggest part of the problem.

"The Department of Education are seriously dragging their feet even after numerous complaints from previous principals, current principals and parents."

P&C president, Rachael Young, said she had been involved with the school for 10 years and during this time the number of pupils attending had grown exponentially, however the infrastructure around the school in terms of traffic management had remained unchanged.

We don't want to wait for a parent punch-up or an injured child before something happens.

"The school has doubled in that time and I've seen a lot of issues with traffic," Ms Young said.

"What we need is Council out here to take us seriously and give us some options; we want to know what will work for our kids."

Hawkesbury Council acting manager community services, Meagan Ang, said Council staff were aware of the concerns of the Pitt Town school community.

"Council is in discussion with the school about the traffic around the school on the Council owned roads of Buckingham Street and Fernadell Drive," Ms Ang said.

"Council had a previously scheduled meeting with the school, however due to other emerging issues, the school had to postpone the meeting and a further meeting is now being rescheduled. A new date is yet to be confirmed.

"Council is willing to meet with members of the school community about options to improve pedestrian safety around the school. However, the meeting has to be held in conjunction with the School Principal as any safety matters for the school must be dealt with in association with the Principal.

"Council's regulatory staff also conduct random but regular surveillance of school crossings to monitor road safety around schools."