'He found me': Cute Kannon worked his way into Maree's life and stayed put

Maree and Kannon's story is part of a series on Hawkesbury people and their pets, featuring the work of Hawkesbury Gazette and Courier photographer, Geoff Jones.

"HE found me rather than me finding him."

This is Richmond resident Maree Twomey speaking about her beloved 18-month-old tabby cat, Kannon.

"He worked his way into the cat flap and used to visit me. He would sit on my red Canon [brand] printer when I worked and he would sleep on that printer until I left the study.

"He sort of adopted me, and so I kept him. I named him Kannon after his favourite spot on the printer."

Maree has lived in Richmond for 21 years, and all her pets have been rescued animals who have found their way into her life.

Kannon's best mate is Ted, a 14-year-old basset-hound-cross-mastiff, who was Maree's "mascot" when she shaved her head for leukaemia earlier this year.

"They love each other. They sleep together and they play together. Kannon jumps on Ted's back and rides him - it doesn't bother Ted," Maree said.

"I've had a cross-shepherd-kelpie and a dalmatian. My last cat, Miss Bella, was 19-and-a-half years old when I had to put her to sleep. Then Kannon came into my life after I had been diagnosed with cancer, so he really made my world a better place."

Kannon used to bring Maree 'gifts' of mice when he was a kitten, but now he's content to play with the various toys Maree has purchased for him, including one that he bats around and a furry paw pops out.

"Sometimes he'll grab the random bit of fur in his mouth and drag it along. He has personality plus, he just does the funniest things. He sits in the frypan sometimes," Maree said.

Kannon provides great comfort for Maree, sleeping in her bed when it gets cold.

"I put him right over my shoulder, he loves affection. He has his own bed in my bedroom, but in the winter time, he must get a bit cold, so he puts his paw on my face to wake me up and in my deep sleep I lift my doona up and he goes in under the doona and turns himself around and he sleeps with his head on my arm. He's amazing," Maree said.

"At 5am he runs around like a possessed cat because he's hungry and needs to go to the toilet."