This 800-kilogram 'baby girl' is a friend for life for Alyse

Alyse and Gidget's story is part of a series on Hawkesbury people and their pets, featuring the work of Hawkesbury Gazette and Courier photographer, Geoff Jones.

WHEN the Hawkesbury Gazette and Courier put the call out for 'unique pets', Alyse Sciberras's submission couldn't be ignored.

The Cranebrook resident who grew up in the Hawkesbury has an 800-kilogram "baby girl" who she keeps on her dad's farm in Llandilo.

Alyse and Gidget. Picture: Geoff Jones

Alyse and Gidget. Picture: Geoff Jones

Gidget is a retired show heifer, who last year took out grand champion senior female at a show at Picton.

"She has taken out quite a few ribbons throughout her career as a heifer and a cow, and she calfed last week - she had a little boy, and once he's weaned I'll show him too - so that was exciting," Alyse said.

Alyse grew up around livestock and Gidget was her first show heifer. Gidget lives with around 15 other cows, as well as sheep and chickens on the farm.

"When we started out showing, we bought a cow and Gidget was the calf at foot. I used to go up to the farm every day and treat her like a pet horse - because I'd always wanted a horse and was never allowed - I used to brush her and tie her up and spend lots of time with her," Alyse said.

"I feel like she's a big dog to me. We spend a lot of time together and trust each other and she shows no aggression towards me - even now she's got her calf.

"When you can walk up to a cow and pat it in the paddock, that's pretty special."

Alyse said Gidget is a "one in a million cow".

"She is the queen bee of the heard and I am probably partly to blame for that as she is definitely the favourite and spoilt like one," Alyse said.

What are Gidget's favourite things to do? According to Alyse, Gidget loves to eat.

"She's the most dominant in the paddock - she is the boss, especially at feeding time. Wherever she is in the paddock, she makes sure she's the leader of the herd," Alyse said.

"When she walks around the show ring, she holds her head up, she stands up square and she's very showy. If I had to put one word to it I would say she's very sassy - she's a very confident cow."

Alyse said she will have cattle for life, and will keep Gidget until it's time for her to go to the big paddock in the sky.

"Sometimes when they get a little older and stop producing it's time to move them on, but Gidget if definitely one that will pass in our paddock. I can't see myself every getting rid of her, she's more a pet than a source of income. She's very special to me," she said.