Oakville Public School pupils keep Australia beautiful with unique bottle-top mural

IT all began with a grand plan by teacher Deb Allen late last year to do something special to mark Keep Australia Beautiful Week.

Keep Australia Beautiful Week is held late August each year to raise awareness about the simple things we can all do in our daily lives to reduce our impact on the environment.

Following months of hard work and persistence, Stage 3 pupils at Oakville Public School had finally collected enough bottle tops to make a beautiful mural for the school.

Then came the assembly, which took weeks.

The school now proudly displays a mural above the bubbler drinking fountains, made entirely of different coloured bottle tops, with the theme Keep Our Sea Plastic Free.

"We try to do something once a term for Clean Up Australia, to make our school a bit environmentally-friendly," Ms Allen told the Gazette.

"The kids have been bringing the bottle tops in from home and it took us that long to collect as many as we needed - we've collected thousands.

"Each Stage 3 class had a panel each. Art teacher Ms Serra drew the outline, and each Stage 3 class glued the bottle top lids on."

Ms Allen said the mural had been such a hit with the pupils, parents and other teachers, that the school might make another mural for the library space.

"It was a great project for the kids, seeing that something you can throw in the bin can actually be used to make something beautiful," Ms Allen said.

"They're realising that together we can do something positive for the environment, and as the saying goes, every little bit helps."

Pupils also collected lids from their drinks before cashing them in to the school's on-site Return and Earn depot.