North Richmond Panthers presents Hollywood hits through the ages

IF you are home on Mondays and are looking for some light entertainment, why not pop along to North Richmond Panthers for their monthly music performances.

Coming up on Monday, September 30 at 11am, Premier Entertainment will be presenting Hollywood Hits - a visual song and dance sensation of movie music themes.

Plus, you'll be able to enjoy the roast of the day for lunch, all for $25.

Hollywood Hits is a musical journey through movies music history from the 1930s decade 'The Golden Years of Hollywood' to today's modern movie creations.

Enjoy classic songs like Somewhere Over the Rainbow, As Time Goes By, Unchained Melody and Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend, plus memorable movie moments performed by experienced entertainers.

North Richmond Panthers events coordinator, Alison Reynolds, said the monthly events are "very popular" and many of the same people and groups re-book to watch the performances every month.

"I feel like I know each one personally now," she said.

"People's ages do vary from seniors to mid-30s. A lot of the seniors are locals or members that either come as a group of friends but we also have a few homes that come with their carers as an outing."

One group that books regularly is the local View Club, a women's club that raises funds for The Smith Family.

Member Annie Dyke, 67, said "I just love the shows".

"You have an hour of the show, then you have lunch for an hour, then the show comes on for another hour. It such a fabulous, fun day for only $25," she said.

"You look around the room and people just enjoy it. It's wonderful to watch people thoroughly enjoying themselves. People just like music, you know? It makes everyone feel happy.

"The standard of the acts are absolutely. They have different artists all the time - we had Michael Buble [tribute act] last time.

"They have stuff to cater for everybody, and you get a beautiful baked lunch. So for people on the pension it's a fabulous day out for a small amount, really."

Book at or call 4560 5000.