Tom Northey paid tribute to late uncle at Nepean Raceway charity weekend

The City of Penrith Motor Cycle Club held its annual Classic Dirt Track Charity Weekend for 2019 this past Saturday and Sunday [August 17 and 18] at Nepean Raceway.

The event aimed to raise money for the Australian Rotary Health Support for Early Onset Dementia Research. A cause close to club member's hearts as their former Vice President, Peter "Teflon" James, battles it.

Tribute: Tom Northey and passenger Sarah Brown do laps on the bike that was ridden by Tom's late uncle Bob Northey. Picture: Geoff Jones

Tribute: Tom Northey and passenger Sarah Brown do laps on the bike that was ridden by Tom's late uncle Bob Northey. Picture: Geoff Jones

Along with the race weekend, a separate tribute to a well known racer took place.

Tom Northey's Uncle, Bob, passed away in January this year and since Tom has been riding his sidecar bike.

Bob was very well known by competitors at Nepean Raceway as he used to race both solo and sidecars with his brother, Wayne (Tom's dad), as members of the now defunct Blacktown Motorcycle Club.

"That bike has been with us for a long time," said Wayne. "Bob rode it throughout the 80's and 90's.

"I rode it as well at a few meetings. Now Tom rides it. We used to have a lot of sidecars and it was a lot of fun."

Tom has been riding since he was 17-years-old and the now 30-year-old has adopted his uncles bike as his own.

He changed from his usual number 48 for this weekend and instead rode with nine on his plates, Bob's old number. A large part of the family were there to watch including Tom's father Wayne and Bob's wife. Tom rode alongside his girlfriend Sarah Brown.

"It was a good day," said Wayne. "A lot of the family were there. We had shirts made up for the day."

"Unfortunately Tom had an accident in the first race that put him out of the rest of the weekend."

Tom and Sarah crashed during the 25 Laps on Saturday, but are both recovering fine. As further tribute Wayne took the number plates off to be signed.

"I took the number plates off," said Wayne. "We had them signed by people who remembered Bob and used to race him at Nepean.

"So that is hung up on the wall in the garage.

"Tom will continue to ride that bike until he stops. Hopefully then he'll pass it on to keep the spirit going."

Some of the winners from the race weekend:

  • Classic 25 Lap - Aaron Fulton
  • Post Classic 25 Lap - Tom Edwards
  • Super Seniors - Trevor Hunter
  • 125cc - Brett Chipperfield
  • Pre 1975 250cc and over Final - Luke Wilesmith
  • Sidecars - Danny Flood / Marty Johns
  • Pre 1970 Unlimited - Matt Thorne
  • Post Classic Sliders Pre 1990 - Graeme Judd
  • Pre 1995 263cc and Over - Chris Ralston
  • Evolution 250cc Final - Justin Burdis
  • Classic Sliders Pre 1975 - Matt Thorne
  • Pre 1975 263cc and Over Final: Graeme Judd

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