Council to investigate measures to prevent right hand turns into Maccas, KFC

It would seem the lure of fast food is simply too much for some Hawkesbury motorists.

Hawkesbury City Council has been told motorists are ignoring 'no right-hand turn' signs at South Windsor to access McDonald's and KFC from George Street, turning over double lines and creating traffic hazards.

No Right Turn: A sign on George Street across from McDonald's and the Caltex service station. Picture: Geoff Jones.

No Right Turn: A sign on George Street across from McDonald's and the Caltex service station. Picture: Geoff Jones.

Representations have been made by concerned local residents to install a concrete median strip to physically prevent the illegal turns, and Cr Sarah Richards took the issue to the July 30 council meeting, moving that options for a median strip or other barriers be investigated.

Nearby resident Grant Davenport told the meeting he held feared for the safety of local children attempting to access the fast food outlets.

"[Motorists] cut across the line of traffic, you are contending with people coming off Richmond Road up George Street to Bligh Park and Windsor, and it just creates absolute chaos," he said. "There is no crossing down there for school-aged children who obviously love the KFC and McDonald's stores that have gone in, and as the parent of an L-plater and also a young daughter still at Bede Polding it does concern me for their welfare.

"The area is obviously getting busier and I just think the idea of a median strip would obviously minimise people cutting across into the service station and into the McDonald's store. There needs to be some kind of pedestrian island incorporated, if possible.

"Every afternoon it's a chaotic death trap just to get into Bligh Park."

Young Joshua Joyce, a Bligh Park resident, suggested an overpass be installed in the area, as well as a pathway leading to it.

"I myself and multiple kids from Bede [Polding] and Bligh Park school are constantly trying to get over there but because it's not safe their parents have stopped them from going over there," he said.

"I've seen many people trying to cross that road and they've almost been hit. I've seen kids sprinting across, people on bikes and scooters walking across the road.

"If there's an overpass, pedestrians can get over the road without having to weave through traffic ... We could just avoid all that if we had a safer way to cross."

Council resolved to refer the matter to the Local Traffic Committee and investigate options for a "holistic pedestrian safety, traffic management and road safety approach to this vicinity of McDonald's and KFC at George Street, South Windsor, including the roundabout at Bligh Park".

Council will also request a meeting with Hawkesbury MP Robyn Preston, local schools, the Rural Fire Service and Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to seek a solution.