Riverstone's historical Allaru House, built in 1927, is up for sale

Riverstone still has a lot of historical buildings standing, including the house of one of the men who built some of the important buildings in the area.

Allaru House, located at 22 Oxford Street, Riverstone, was built in 1927 by carpenter Raymond Edward Vaughan and is now up for sale.

Circa 1927: THe exterior of 22 Oxford St, Riverstone. Picture: Supplied

Circa 1927: THe exterior of 22 Oxford St, Riverstone. Picture: Supplied

Ray, the son of a Windsor Councillor and who with his brother, William, worked in the carpentry business in Riverstone for numerous years.

William left in 1928, making Ray the leading carpenter in the Riverstone area.

He was responsible for the building of the Drapery and Haberdashery store, which later became Riverstone Plumbing Supplies on the corner of Garfield Road and the Railway Terrace.

Across his 14 year building career in Riverstone, Ray was responsible for a few of the shops that surrounded the main roads.

In February of 1934 Ray built the electricity substation capping off his career. He remained in Riverstone until 1947.

Current owner of 22 Oxford St, Sue Morrison, described the house as a "typical small workman's cottage."

"The house has it's original wide floorboards," she added. "Some heritage features, especially the high ceiling and its design."

Sue and her husband Peter have lived in the historical house for 17 years, but are looking to make a change and move up the mountains.

Allaru House has passed through various hands during its history, including a man who was also part of the building of Riverstone.