Colo High School Year 12 students explore early childhood education at Kurmond Public School

Kurmond Public School Kindergarten pupils have been teaching Year 12 students from Colo High School a thing or two.

In a special arrangement benefitting some of the area's youngest and oldest school students simultaneously, the teenagers from Colo High have been visiting Kurmond Public for four weeks now, to deliver planned, supervised classes to small groups of Kindergarteners.

The course, called Exploring Early Childhood, is a practical class focussing on different topics each week, said Kurmond principal Patricia Beggs.

"The Year 12 students are gaining practical insights to help determine if Early Childhood is a career they wish to pursue, the Kindergarten students are benefitting from a change of learning style, and supervising teachers are experiencing the role of informal mentors," she said.

"[During] their last session they worked on fine motor activities by threading beads, making houses from cards, lacing, and playing Operation. They also learnt how to sequence events by making fairy bread and writing about it."

Head Teacher Welfare at Colo High School, Melissa Szymkow, said there is a mutual benefit for the schools.

"The arrangement is strengthening the links between the schools at the student and staff level," Ms Szymkow said.

Kurmond Kindergarten class teacher Phoebe Foster said: "There are also some lovely personal connections being made between the Kindergarten and senior students, which see them all mature."