Bus routes being adjusted to service North West Metro on May 26

A number of bus routes will change when the North West Metro opens to customers later this month.

On Sunday, May 26 the North West Metro will open to customers, delivering a turn up and go rail service for residents of the north west.

"This is an exciting and historic moment for public transport commuters in the north west, in particular for those who wish to travel to Sydney during the weekday peaks," said Riverstone MP Kevin Conolly said in a statement.

To support the new service, bus routes are being adjusted to help people get to the metro by bus.

The bus timetable adjustments and extra bus services are in addition to the 'On demand' bus service starting on the same day in Schofields and The Ponds, enabling people to access Schofields, Tallawong and Rouse Hill stations.

Below is a list of some bus changes taking effect from May 26 that may affect local residents:

  • Route 661 (Route 671) Riverstone to Windsor: Route 661 will be renumbered to 671. There will be no change to service frequency or route.
  • Route 662 (Route 741) Oakville to Riverstone: Route 662 will be renumbered to 741. There will be no change to service frequency or route.
  • Route 663 (Route 672) Wisemans Ferry to Windsor: Route 663 will be renumbered to 672. There will be no change to service frequency or route.
  • Route 664 (Route 679) Maraylya to Windsor: Route 664 will be renumbered to 679. There will be no change to service frequency or route.
  • Route 742 Riverstone to Rouse Hill: Route 742 will be changed to run via Tallawong Station and Clarke Street, Riverstone, and extended from Riverstone Station to Marsden Park via Carnarvon Road, replacing route 757 trips in this area. Route 742 will provide access to Sydney Metro services at Tallawong and Rouse Hill metro stations and serve new residential development in the Riverstone and Rouse Hill areas. Alternative services on Boundary Road, McCulloch Street and Piccadilly Street are available on route 747. Route 742 will see increased services on weekdays and Saturdays, 128 additional weekly trips.
  • Route 746 Rouse Hill Town Centre to Riverstone: Route 746 weekday morning and afternoon peak service frequency will be increased to every 30 minutes between Box Hill (Terry Road) and Rouse Hill Station, 35 additional weekly trips.
  • Route 747 Marsden Park to Rouse Hill. Route 747 will be changed to run via Tallawong metro station. No changes to existing service frequency. Route no longer serves Schofields Road between Tallawong Road and Cudgegong Road.
  • Route 749 Marsden Park to Blacktown. Route 749 will no longer operate. Alternative services available on routes 750 and 751 on Richmond Road.
  • Route 757 Riverstone to Mount Druitt: Route 757 will be changed to run via a consistent route between Marsden Park and Riverstone at all times. All trips will now run via Richmond Road and Garfield Road West, providing a standard route seven days a week. Existing route 757 services running via Carnarvon Road will be provided by route 742. Services will run later on weeknights and on Saturdays, with Sunday services running to and from Riverstone for the first time, 11 additional weekly trips.
  • Route T74 (Route 734) Riverstone to Blacktown: Route T74 will be renumbered to 734. There will be no changes to service frequency or route.

. For more information visit Transport for NSW website link - https://transportnsw.info/service-adjustments-2019, or Busway website link - https://www.busways.com.au/