Morrison giving Shorten 'enough rope'

Scott Morrison will launch a $10 million program to reduce loneliness among the elderly.
Scott Morrison will launch a $10 million program to reduce loneliness among the elderly.

Scott Morrison says he'll give Bill Shorten "enough rope" to imperil Labor as he promised $10 million to help lonely seniors.

A crowd of people angry about Labor's franking credits changes asked the prime minister in the Western Australian seat of Hasluck about how he will protect their tax handouts.

Ian Johnson from South Fremantle waved a collection of newspaper clippings and asked Mr Morrison to beat Labor leader Bill Shorten.

"Can you nail the bastard in three weeks?" Mr Johnson asked to laughter from the crowd on Wednesday.

Mr Morrison replied: "Do any of you remember that show that Andrew Denton used to run, used to have political interviews? It was called Enough Rope.

"Well that's what I think I'll give him."

Mr Morrison continued to attack Mr Shorten over how much his tax and climate policies would cost, which the coalition believes is cutting through to voters.

The forum was held in the Old Midland Courthouse, leading Liberal MP Steve Irons to joke about Aged Minister and Indigenous Australian Ken Wyatt, who was on stage with him.

"Ken was just saying some of his ancestors used to come to this court many years ago," Mr Irons said to laughter from the crowd.

"That was my chance to throw him under the bus because he threw me under the bus before."

One man asked Mr Morrison if a future Liberal government would repeal Labor's franking credits proposal, referring to the "temporary" introduction of income tax during the Napoleonic Wars.

Mr Morrison did not commit to repealing it, but said the election was about making sure the franking credit laws weren't changed.

He announced $10 million to help seniors combat loneliness, and is aiming to get 475,000 aged care workers in Australia by 2025.

Mr Morrison will also announce $16 million to develop a State Football Centre in Western Australia to train new soccer talent.

"We've home grown talent like Sam Kerr lighting up the field and inspiring the next generation of players, so it's only right that we've got the facilities to support this growth," he said.

The coalition is also spending $226 million on 13 new road upgrades in southeast Queensland.

Mr Morrison has been campaigning in key Perth seats the coalition needs to hold onto, as well as targeting Labor MP Anne Aly's seat of Cowan, which has a margin of 0.7 per cent.

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