Businessman dad-of-six stands for State Parliament to pay his adopted country back

Father-of-six Eddie Dogramaci is standing as an Independent for the seat of Hawkesbury to pay his adopted country back for his success.

The Pitt Town businessman originally hails from Turkey and has been living and working in the Hawkesbury for the past three decades.

Repaying Australia: Independent candidate for the seat of Hawkesbury, Eddie Dogramaci. Picture: Krystyna Pollard.

Repaying Australia: Independent candidate for the seat of Hawkesbury, Eddie Dogramaci. Picture: Krystyna Pollard.

Now, he has pledged to donate his entire wage to the community if he is successful in his bid to become the new MP for Hawkesbury.

"I am doing this for one reason only, and that's to pay my debt to Australia for giving me the key to a successful life in this country," he told the Gazette.

"For that reason I have signed a stat dec pledging every cent of my parliamentary salary and entitlements to the elderly, diggers, the vulnerable, little old ladies who struggle to pay their electricity bills, the emergency services. Seventy kids go hungry every night..

"I challenged every single one of the other candidates to do the same thing but their heads fell down, proving that their first priority is for the money rather than the community they are representing."

Mr Dogramaci "gave my Turkish [citizenship] away" to become an Australian citizen, rather than becoming a dual citizen, and runs a business dealing in alloys and exclusive chemicals "for the high end industry".

"I have no competition in Australia," he said. "I fly and visit my operations probably once every six weeks."

Among his six children is a doctor, a dentist and a political scientist, and he is a passionate believer in holding the government of the day to account.

"Since I don't belong to any party I will not have puppet masters in Sydney telling me what to do and the people of Hawkesbury will no longer be told what they are going to get," he said.

"I will listen. I am prepared to be thrown out of the parliamentary chamber standing up for the people and their problems.

"I will do whatever is necessary to get the best for this community.

"I am hoping that we will form some kind of coalition with the other independents and we will then hold the governing party for ransom. This is what they have been doing for years at our expense."

Mr Dogramaci also pledged to fix Mulgrave train station car park before 2056 "when we will all be dead", and said what you saw was what you got as a local representative.

"I am what I am, I am what I look like. No lies and no deceit," he said.