Windsor South Public School pupils submit portrait works for Young Archie competition

A group of Windsor South Public School pupils will have their artworks entered into the Art Gallery of NSW Young Archie competition, which invites young artists to submit a portrait of a person who plays a significant role in the student’s life.

The school asked pupils to create an artwork for an art project in school, and selected the top pieces that would be submitted to the Art Gallery of NSW competition.

Cooper Kirk, Tamara Wikaira-Paul, Samuel Dear, Charli Peterson, Emma Kintominas and Isaac Thomas-Davies will represent the school in the competition.

Diana Robson, curator of Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, helped select the best portraits to be submitted and donated art-related prizes to the pupils.

Three pupils from each stage group were named in-school winners.

Karen Carpenter, Stage One teacher, said the in-school competition complemented an excursion to Hawkesbury Regional Museum last year, during which the teachers noticed a “genuine interest and intrigue” roused in the students for art - an area in which many are talented.

"To harness this talent I felt the need to search for opportunities outside of school where students could extend their creative interests,” Ms Carpenter said.

Winners of the Young Archie competition will have their artworks displayed at the Gallery in Sydney, and those that receive an honourable mention are displayed on the Gallery website and at the SH Ervin Gallery in the Rocks.