Online fundraising campaign exceeds goal in less than 24 hours after vandals attack tent

An online campaign by Community Action for Windsor Bridge (CAWB) to raise funds to purchase a new tent after vandals attacked the old one has exceeded its target in less than 24 hours.

The campaign on crowdfunding site gofundme began on February 12 after vandals attacked the tent, which had been donated to the group only weeks ago.

How the CAWB fundraising campaign appears on gofundme.

How the CAWB fundraising campaign appears on gofundme.

“On the evening of February 11, cowardly thugs attacked the tent, breaking the frame and bending the poles, forcing the two ambassadors inside the tent to make a hasty retreat as the tent collapsed on top of them,” a statement from CAWB on gofundme said.

“They were thankfully unhurt.

“So now we need a new tent! We are overwhelmed by your generous offers of support and your contributions to our ongoing fight means we can continue to be your voice.”

The campaign raised more than $1100 in less than 24 hours, exceeding its $1000 goal.

CAWB has stated the incident has been reported to Hawkesbury police, and a video of the incident has also been handed over.

“A short time after our post was published last night we were sent a video the ‘heroes’ had shared online of the attack. And there, at the top, was the name of the account from which the video was shared,” the group stated on its Facebook page.

”The police, of course, were very grateful to be handed a copy of the video.”