Police forced to move quickly after disqualified driver accelerates away

Hawkesbury police officers allegedly had to move quickly to avoid injury as a disqualified driver accelerated harshly away after being stopped at Ebenezer.

The officers had been patrolling the area in the afternoon of Thursday, February 7 when they spotted the man allegedly driving whilst disqualified.

“As police approached his vehicle on foot in a car park to speak with the driver, he accelerated harshly away from the location whereby police had to quickly move out of the way to avoid injury,” a police statement said.

“Police were able to locate the male about 10.35pm the same date in the Sackville area.”

A 28-year-old Ebenezer man was arrested and taken to Windsor police station, where he was charged with driving while disqualified, not stopping a vehicle when directed, using an offensive weapon to prevent detention, and driving in a dangerous manner.

Bail was refused and the man will remain in custody until he appears before Penrith Local Court in April.