South Windsor lady wins $109,000 in 2DAYFM 104.1 Secret Sound competition

A SOUTH Windsor resident has had an unexpected windfall right in time for Christmas, winning $109,000 in the 2DAYFM 104.1 Secret Sound competition.

Tara (29), who lives with her husband and two young children, correctly guessed the sound live on air on Friday morning (November 30).

Picture: Shutterstock

Picture: Shutterstock

It was a screw and click in, clear filler cap lid, on a blender lid.

Tara said she didn’t even own a blender, but became confident about her guess after going to the shop and testing-out various blenders, recording the sound they made, and comparing it to the ‘secret sound’.

“I thought it was painfully obvious, but even on the day people were still guessing things that were totally different,” she said.

Tara guessed the sound with the help of her best friend of 18 years, and the two will go halves in the winnings.

Tara said she will use the money to “pay off a big consolidated loan”, as well as to pay her mother-in-law back for covering her son’s dental costs earlier this year.

“And who knows, we might go on a nice holiday! And I desperately want a puppy!”