Hotel doors to be shut on November 12 after minors served alcohol

The Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority has ordered the North Richmond Hotel to close for 24 hours after serving alcohol to two 17-year-olds.

In a statement released today (Thursday), the authority said the hotel would have its liquor licence suspended for 24 hours on Monday, November 12.

“[The offence] was identified by NSW Police during a walkthrough on August 25, 2017,” the statement said.

“When entering the venue, police noticed two male patrons who appeared to be under the age of 18.  

“When approached, the two males admitted to being 17 years of age and consuming more than 10 schooners between them over several hours.

“In subsequent interviews with the venue’s employees, one of the bar staff admitted to serving the minors on ‘auto-pilot’ without asking for photo ID.

“Both the member of staff and the licensee were issued penalty notices by police for the offence.”

The authority can hand out escalating penalties to venues found guilty of serving alcohol to minors – including licence suspensions of up to 28 days – under the Minors Sanctions Scheme. 

“In handing out the penalty, the authority noted that the venue had no adverse history of compliance issues with its liquor licence,” the statement said.

Liquor and Gaming NSW director of compliance operations, Sean Goodchild, said serving alcohol to minors was one of the most serious offences under NSW liquor laws due to the high risks of harm.

“This case should serve as a reminder to all venues as we head into the busy festive season,” he said.  

“Under the Minors Sanction Scheme, escalating penalties apply for selling alcohol to under 18s including liquor licence suspensions, cancellations and disqualifications.

“Licensed venues are advised to ask for age ID of any patrons who appear under the age of 25.”