In the words of the finalists: Cathy Stevenson and Associates

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"Being a small community we can help and support each other"

"Being a small community we can help and support each other"

Why should the people of Hawkesbury vote for your business? 

We are a contemporary legal practice. We are not a traditional law firm. We have a holistic approach and empathise with our clients. We care about our clients. Our goal is to help others. “Help Us, Help Others” is our motto.

What would winning the award mean to your business? 

We work as a team and winning the award acknowledges our hard work. Every staff member has a unique role and we work closely together as a team and support each other. As a Principal, I am very proud of my staff and we all deserve recognition.

How did it feel to find out you were nominated as a finalist? 

It was exciting for all staff members as we care about our clients. The hard work we put in as a team felt rewarding. The majority of our work are referrals from clients “word of mouth”. Our business has grown because of this.

How would winning the award help your business? 

It would give us the opportunity to grow more as a business and to help more people.

What do you like most about running a business in the Hawkesbury?

Living and working in the area. All staff members live in Hawkesbury. Being a small community we can help and support each other. I had an opportunity to practice law in the city but I wanted to remain in the Hawkesbury.