Community Action for Windsor Bridge thanks bridge inquiry committee

A NSW Parliamentary inquiry report has validated concerns raised by members of the local community over the Windsor Bridge Replacement Project , according to Community Action for Windsor Bridge (CAWB).

The report from the inquiry was tabled in State Parliament today (Wednesday), containing a number of findings but stopping short of recommending the project be abandoned.

CAWB members at the Thompson Square tent last year. Picture: Geoff Jones.

CAWB members at the Thompson Square tent last year. Picture: Geoff Jones.

It also contained three dissenting statements from committee members, two of which – from the Greens and Labor MPs – were in support of ceasing the project.

CAWB spokesperson Kate Mackaness said the group extended its thanks to NSW Upper House MP Robert Brown the members of the committee and parliamentary staff who support them “for their diligence, hard work and patience in exploring complex issues and distilling them into the report released today”.

“This inquiry was never about closure, but about validation. The report delivers that in abundance,” she stated.

“Whilst it is extremely disappointing the committee ultimately felt unable to support CAWB’s recommendation the project cease immediately, it is notable members of the committee submitted two dissenting reports in support of that recommendation and the report itself provides ample evidence of the great wrong being inflicted upon the Hawkesbury community, who are the custodians of heritage of national significance.

“This is a serious and detailed report. CAWB again thanks all concerned from their efforts and will respond in greater detail shortly."