Chamber puts forward two solutions to traffic headaches in Riverstone

Riverstone Schofields Chamber of Commerce is seeking to meet with government representatives over two solutions it has proposed to help ease traffic congestion in the area.

In a statement issued earlier this month, chamber president Kurt Hippe said the town centre “in the heart of Sydney’s north-west priority growth zone has been shut down by traffic” for decades.

Congestion was taking a “heavy toll” on local businesses and amenities, and restrictions were forcing trucks commuting to local industrial parks to detour through the catchment area of seven schools, he said.

“Peak travel times average 35 minutes in the 3.5km stretch through Riverstone,” the statement said. “Sixteen thousand cars and trucks pass through the town centre daily.

“After conducting its own extensive research and investment, the Riverstone Schofields Chamber of Commerce are proposing two solutions able to be delivered within an acceptable timeframe.

“Most obvious is facilitating the commencement of Riverstone West, including the construction of a Spine Road thoroughfare. Alternatively, a bypass towards the industrial areas could reduce pressure on bottlenecks at the railway crossing and town centre.

“Each solution could be swiftly delivered to alleviate Riverstone’s worsening traffic woes by removing heavy vehicles from the town centre and improving access to the M7 and M2 traffic corridors.

“Various authorities in the past have proposed fanciful solutions but these can’t provide immedite relief. Proposals by the Roads and Maritime Services for an underpass and a grade separated crossing cannot be delivered with a reasonable timeline or cost.

“The chamber’s solutions bring both short and long-term benefits to the area.”