Navy postpones scuttling of ship in Qld

Queensland authorities are waiting for a patch of fine weather to send a piece of Australia's naval history to the bottom of the sea.

Experts had hoped to scuttle the former Navy vessel HMAS Tobruk on Tuesday, but poor conditions forced a postponement.

Queensland Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch said scuttling a former naval ship was a complex operation.

"While we are all keen to witness this historic event, the safety of everyone involved is priority," the minister said in a statement.

The project team has extended the window for scuttling the vessel out until Thursday 28 June, and if weather is still not favourable the second window is from Tuesday July 3 to Tuesday July 10.

They're warning anyone who was intending to watch the event that they would only have a few days notice of the rescheduled scuttling, and to be prepared to travel in a hurry.

After being scuttled the Tobruk is expected to become a dive attraction in the Great Sandy Marine Park, between Bundaberg and Hervey Bay.

Australian Associated Press