Australian Beef’s Paddock to Plate Story: Colo High School learns about beef processing

STUDENTS at Colo High School took a journey through Australia’s world-class beef production system without leaving the classroom, thanks to 360-degree video technology.

Australian Beef’s Paddock to Plate Story visited the school as part of a tour along the east coast, teaching communities about the industry’s food production processes.

The 360-degree reality tour took students into the world of Australian cattle farming, transportation, feedlots, processing and end markets, including restaurants.

Colo High agriculture teacher Luciano Mesiti said it was fascinating to learn by  actually experiencing all the processes that go into getting Australian beef from the farm and on to our dining tables.

“It’s been a fantastic experience that should give the students a new perspective about where their food comes from,” he said.

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) chief marketing and communications officer Lisa Sharp said the Paddock to Plate Story is an engaging, fact-based tool that addresses growing interest from Australians about how their food is produced.

“Immersive and creative videos such as the Paddock to Plate Story help educate and engage students by addressing their growing interest in sustainability, meat quality, traceability and animal welfare practices within our industry,” she said.

MLA created the program to meet a rise in consumer interest in the provenance of their food. The organisation stated there are now 20 per cent less Australians from urban centres visiting cattle or sheep farms annually compared to six years ago.