Cancer Council NSW: Melanoma survivors at increased risk of prostate cancer

Picture: Andrew Quilty
Picture: Andrew Quilty

A NEW Cancer Council NSW study has found men who survived melanoma are at a 25 per cent increased risk of a prostate cancer diagnosis later in life, highlighting the importance of sun protection.

The findings are especially significant as melanoma and prostate cancer rates in Australia are among the highest in the world.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer for Australian men, and melanoma the third most common.

Solar UV exposure is the leading environmental cause of melanoma, causing more than 95 per cent of melanomas.

The few established risk factors for prostate cancer are generally considered non-modifiable, such as family history and advanced age.

“Our results suggest that sun exposure may also play a role in prostate cancer, and that protecting yourself from the sun is all the more important,” said Cancer Council Greater Western Sydney Community Engagement Manager (Programs) Aruni Ratnayake.