Paddle boat party goers rescued in Windsor

Passengers and crew are safe and well after a paddle boat carrying 35 people ran aground in Windsor on Saturday.

At about 10pm a 17 metre twin engine paddle boat driven by a 54-year man, was travelling on the Hawkesbury River and returning to a public wharf at Windsor after a charter to celebrate a birthday.

When the vessel was returning to the wharf, it suffered a mechanical fault, causing it to run aground on the bank of the river short of the wharf.

Hawkesbury Police Area Command deployed their launch and the crew attended and rescued passengers and crew onboard safely transferring them ashore. Police checked the documents relating to the vessel’s survey and the qualifications of the Master and found no error in the operation of the charter.

No one was injured as a result of the grounding or transferring to shore in windy and dark conditions.

Police are satisfied the incident was as a result of a mechanical failure and no further action is proposed.