Aerial patrols for bushfire safety preparations

Endeavour Energy will take to the sky this week in the Hawkesbury as part of bushfire safety preparations for next summer.

Endeavour Energy’s General Manager Network Services Scott Ryan said that managing the risk of bushfires was an important part of keeping customers and the community safe.

“We are starting our inspections earlier this year to identify defects and complete repairs before the official start of the bushfire season on 1 October,” Mr Ryan said.

“These patrols identify where repairs to equipment are required or trees need to be cut back a safe distance from powerlines to help prevent bushfires started by powerlines.”

In addition to starting earlier, Mr Ryan said Endeavour Energy was using three helicopters in the Hawkesbury to complete inspections in a timely manner.

“The survey is completed using light detection and ranging technology and we limit data capture to only images of our network to protect people’s privacy,” Mr Ryan said.

“Local residents will see helicopters marked with signage that says “Power Line Patrol” and “Endeavour Energy Contractor”.

“By completing the patrols in this way, we can complete a more thorough inspection of the hardware at the top of poles and inspect areas inaccessible to vehicles.”

Mr Ryan said Endeavour Energy had employed measures to minimise the impact of the helicopter patrols on customers and the community.

“The helicopters have been modified to be as quiet as possible and will fly between 200 and 400 metres above the ground at a speed of about 40 kilometres per hour.

“Farmers, animal breeders and other customers potentially affected by the noise can receive advance notice of our patrols over their properties. 

“Anyone who would like prior notification of when helicopters will be near their property can contact us on 133 718.

“These customers will be added to our database of customers collated over past years who are contacted ahead of the patrols being flown.”  

More information about when and where helicopter patrols will be undertaken is available on the Endeavour Energy website